I will not proclaim  4-Star Management skills, but I’ve learned a thing or two from being managed and managing people. Managing is pretty simple; hiring the right people is the hard part. Read more →

New statistics surface every week from social media companies showing how many businesses use social media in their marketing. Often times these statistics are delivered in a way to highlight social media’s success for for XX amount of businesses.

An example of this is “43% of marketers have noticed an improvement in sales due to social campaignsRead more →

This is an unfinished post about thoughts on economic growth. Significant research is required to validate any of it, so don’t take it as more than ramblings.

Incentive is the Key Economic Growth

Problems with economic growth/stimulus money

– There isn’t enough food supply for the world = False
– Commercials ask for $.25 a day to sponsor a single child
– Misconception “$$ = economic growth”

Western Civilization Indoctrination ≠ The best solution

– The only way to grow is to build “organically” out of poverty
– Bringing inconsistent $$ into an area creates foundation and infrastructure problems Read more →

Starting my own online marketing company was easy. My future business partners had complimentary skills to mine, there was little required to get going, and I had the extra time. However, making the decision to actively pursue working in my own company and quitting my day-job was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. In my situation there was a distinction between starting your company and making it your top priority. Read more →