Starting my own online marketing company was easy. My future business partners had complimentary skills to mine, there was little required to get going, and I had the extra time. However, making the decision to actively pursue working in my own company and quitting my day-job was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. In my situation there was a distinction between starting your company and making it your top priority.

My business started in July 2010 after I met my friend and future business partner, Sean Simone in a marketing class. Shortly after meeting, Sean recognized my closet entrepreneurial spirit and convinced me to work on a website project with him. From there it began and shortly after, Sean brought me into his website company he started with another friend Ryan McLaughlin. Quickly we started selling websites and services to clients all around town.

Then, after 7 months of moonlighting after/during my 9-5 corporate job, I came to the decision of sustainability in my job vs. my company. The factors involved were:

  • Future with the company : H&E Equipment
  • Future with the new business
  • The money I was making with H&E : Roughly $3,500/month with a raise on the horizon
  • The money I would be making with H&E in 5 years: $5,000-$6,000/month
  • The money I would be making with the business (short-term): Less than $1,000/month
  • The money I would be making with the business in 5 years: $3,000-$10,000/month (It was hard to know this one)
  • My current satisfaction with my job(s) at H&E: Very Low
  • My current satisfaction with my business: Very High
  • What did I consider important in a job: Satisfaction/Fulfillment, Money, and Security
  • Assets: $15,000 in the bank, $20,000 in real estate, $12,000 in 401k, & Paid off Car
  • Current Responsibilities: Little to none
  • Money needed to transition to the new job (only living expenses)
  • Life Goals: Be Happy & Make Money

Considering the above factors, it was still a very hard decision to make. I had put in 5 years with H&E and made close connections with upper management that would have paved the way to a very lucrative future with the company. To help make the decision, I have in-depth conversations with many people close to me to help make the decision.

The last information I put together was my worst-case scenario (financially). I compiled a couple spreadsheets with the following information to analyze:

  • Current Monthly Budget-expenses: $1000/month (Living with the parents at the time)
  • Change in Spending Habits: Had to spend $500-$800 less each month
  • Length of time that I don’t need to make money: It was around 10-14 months (depending on how much I party)

After it was all laid out, my decision came down to one factor: My Gut/Instinct.

The logical decision to maximize my income would be to stay at H&E for 10 more years, invest, and possibly start a business down the road. However, the cost would have been great in terms of my satisfaction & fulfillment. This led me to my decision of starting my own company due to the high level of fulfillment it provided and I haven’t once regretted the decision I made in February 2011 (this doesn’t happen very often).

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