New statistics surface every week from social media companies showing how many businesses use social media in their marketing. Often times these statistics are delivered in a way to highlight social media’s success for for XX amount of businesses.

An example of this is “43% of marketers have noticed an improvement in sales due to social campaigns

These types of statistics indicate very little. I could say the same for hiring a new salesman or buying yellowpage ads…skipping the concept of value and cost-effectiveness.

Many local businesses owners I encounter believe social media to be a foreign language that only the  under 35’s year-olds understand. Social Media is just a way for people to communicate in your own language using a different medium than the telephone or writing memo’s.

These same businesses read statistics from their respective industries featuring a top company that was able to increase their sales by XX% using Facebook and/or Twitter. This leads to false expectations

To use a specific example of this, a small size insurance company came to me asking for social media services and wanted a Facebook account like Geico or State Farm with thousands of fans. I researched their company and asked “Why would people on facebook like your company?”. Their response was “Because we are the most affordable insurance company in the area with great customer service, a full line of insurances…ect.”. You can understand the problem with that.


People like Geico because of the Gecko and quirky commercials.


State Farm, because they like Good Neighbors.





They don’t like insurance companies.

Company’s that are successful on social media from a cost/reward perspective are ones where their clients are passionate about their brand or product. Without the client passion your marketing dollars are better spent elsewhere.

The quick test to see if it’s worth spending time/money into social media, ask yourself “Is the average person within a specific demographic (highly populated on Facebook) that sees your product or brand interested or intrigued by it?” If the answer is yes, then it’s worth investigating through a Facebook ad-campaign to see if people are receptive enough to spend more tome/money.

Some of the businesses we encounter that should spend a significant portion of their marketing on social media:

  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Consumer Products
  • Consumer Retail
  • Entertainment
  • B2C Businesses with high quality branding that extends past their core business model
  • B2B Businesses that market to small businesses such as –

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