I will not proclaim  4-Star Management skills, but I’ve learned a thing or two from being managed and managing people. Managing is pretty simple; hiring the right people is the hard part.

– Read the book – How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book by Dale Carnegie should be read and followed religiously by everyone in business or not. People in management positions stand to gain a lot from following the principles in this book


– Setting expectations

The most common breakdowns in business are always related to communication or lack thereof. However, many times the communication breakdowns are caused by lack of clear expectations.You need to set clear expectations for you employees from their daily responsibilities, behavior, and expected results. HR departments try to set expectations through hand-books and employee responsibility descriptions but that’s just not enough. Expectations need to be set and reset often.


– Workers idle are your fault

If you catch a worker that is not on task, playing on facebook, or staring at the wall it is first your fault. Before you chastise them or lecture them on “finding something to do” you need to ask yourself a few questions.
Is idle their idle time effecting the company negatively?
Do they have enough work?
Are they producing satisfactory performance and meeting your expectations?
Depending on how you answer those questions, it is usually a problem in the expectations of the worker or an unoptimized work-load that causes them to deviate from tasks. Make sure expectations are set and they have plenty of responsibility with proper deadlines before you talk to them about their idle-time.


– Performance Reviews

Setting up a proper performance review system is imperative. Standard Review systems initiated by HR departments are build for tracking, not effectiveness. Setting good expectations and evaluating performance regularly are crucial to improving employee performance and processes. Performance reviews conducted in a motivational manner will improve employee moral and help you weed the good from the bad employees faster.


– Don’t be an ass

It’s fine to be blunt and express dissatisfaction, but do it tactfully. When dealing with people, you need to utilize your emotional intelligence to work with them. Relating to a struggling or grieving employee can make or break their day.

– Understand P&L implications

Even if the profits and losses of your company aren’t a component of your positions evaluations, you need to be mindful of P&L implications. Be shrewd in you financial decisions and always maximize productivity.


If you follow the above information, it’s hard not to be an effective manager.

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