This is an unfinished post about thoughts on economic growth. Significant research is required to validate any of it, so don’t take it as more than ramblings.

Incentive is the Key Economic Growth

Problems with economic growth/stimulus money

– There isn’t enough food supply for the world = False
– Commercials ask for $.25 a day to sponsor a single child
– Misconception “$$ = economic growth”

Western Civilization Indoctrination ≠ The best solution

– The only way to grow is to build “organically” out of poverty
– Bringing inconsistent $$ into an area creates foundation and infrastructure problems

Need to stimulate/catalyze organic growth

– Set-up the framework/foundation for growth
Incentive is the driving factor behind economic growth
– Poverty is a reoccurring cycle with incentive’s to provide only for the lowest hierarchy of needs

Create an program develop incentivisation

– Non-traditional Education to tailored to inspire the people
– Custom training courses combining psychology/economics/math/critical-thinking/language/business/etiquette
– extensive on-hand training & field trips to “successful” places
– In-depth daily training for 6 months

Profile a small town/city dependent on a local factory/foundry/business that is producing well below it’s potential to launch program

– Take the workers away from the factory for 3 months
– Educate them through the custom training courses that include hand-on work
– Supplant the factory with temp workers from around the globe to maintain production
– Slowly bring the workers back to the factory through the course improving their skills & aptitudes

Educate business owners/managers and improve the factory

– Educate the owners/managers of the facility using psychologists and professionals
– Upgrade the facility & capital (equipment)
– Train workers on the capital
– Leave a semi-permanent staff to assist the factory/business with decisions & direction

Provide the surrounding town with basic education reform

– Teaching basic health, economics, etiquette, and general education (not using western-civilization as a bench-mark)
– Provide only basic necessities to the town but make a strong effort not to increase the resources of the town as not to disrupt the local economy

Once the education is complete, replicate and create a standard for economic growth. Raise money from governments and replicate.

The key point here being incentive for growth. People don’t know what they don’t know. If they don’t understand the opportunities that they are missing out on, they cannot improve their situation. If you can enlighten them in a way that does not “tell them what they don’t know” instead,  “shows them what they don’t know” you can improve the situation.

Estimated Training Costs for 6 months

Administrative Salaries (7-8 employees)  – $600k

Professional Staff Salaries (100-110) – $4m

Equipment – $5m

Misc. – $1m

Total Cost – 10-11m

The US spends billions in foreign aid that is distributed throughout 3rd world nations that goes into black-holes ie. politicians pocket books and unallocated resources. We show no trends in growth to these areas we supply money. Our money would be better spent into on building foundation through education and training than simply buying more band-aides.



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