Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Education: 2010 BA. Economics, Leadership Development, Business Administration
Interests: Fishing, Working, Movies, & The Internet
Press: Fox10 Interview, Comments in Business Report article, Graduating LSU Incubator



BIO (I wrote it myself, I know, lame…)

I am currently working at Medical Software start-up, LocalMed. I sit on the board for consumer electronics start-up, Yellow Jacket, and I advise several other companies. I have experience in Finance, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Web Development, and Online Marketing/Monetization (SEO, Social, & Misc). On my free time I enjoy fishing, Ice Hockey, Golf, Muay Thai, football, and anything outdoors.

 I have a hacker personality with an aversion to unnesesary risk. I’m not a gambler but will always play the odds.


I was born in Utah and raised in Mesa, Arizona. I grew up in a low-income environment but by high-school my dad worked his way up to become a skilled programmer who taught me about computers & finance. I had the spark of entrepreneurship from an early age and started my first company at 17 which was a partnership in custom metal plating service, CP Chrome.

Shortly after attending college, I joined H&E Equipment to work full-time as an equipment inspector, which included everything from parts stocking, repairing heavy equipment, to driving cranes. From there I worked climbed the ladder and eventually moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to work at the H&E corporate office.

There I worked my way from Sales to Equipment Management (Supply-Chain) and eventually to Finance, learning all aspects of the business. After graduating from LSU, I decided to join friends Sean Simone and Ryan McLaughlin in their web development & social media company. After 8 months and clients rolling in I left my full-time job to market for other businesses.

After our first year, we morphed from a basic website shop to a full online marketing agency with clients such as LSU, Raising Canes, Interstate Batteries, Remax, and a National Insurance Company. During that time we developed multiple lead generation models and I began my endeavors in real estate investing. After 3 years of owning my business, we launched the iPhone case manufacturing company, Yellow Jacket, and I was hired full-time by a fully-funded software start-up, LocalMed. There I manage online marketing and partner relationships.

I enjoy consulting various businesses based on my experience and always open to new opportunities.

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